Level Vibes 2015!

Yinka Thomas just came through with the first edit from Level Vibes, and it’s a banger! Plenty of amazing riding from the likes of MK, Michelle Maiolini, Jason Forde, Matti Hemmings, Steve Green, Keelan Phillips, Alex Jumelin, Jussi Laukkanen, and many more! Below I’ve highlighted some of my favourite lines from the edit! Big up Yinka for this treat!


Martti Kuoppa: 6 stem lashes at 2:49 + fakie stem rebate to double opposite stem lash at 6:25!

Michele Maiolani: pedal one handed 5 grabbing the cross bar to one handed cross bar whiplash out at 5:42.

Keelan Phillips: 1080 nose manual at 3:36.

Matti Hemmings: No hand no foot dork wheelie at 4:30.

6 thoughts on “Level Vibes 2015!

  1. Thanks to Yinka Thomas for this edit… I’ve been hyped to see footage from this comp! Excellent, diverse riding going on among the competitors, and the vibe looks like it was super fun and laid back. That Nothing Dork Wheelie though… crazy stuff, but man, that seat looked like it was in a less than ideal spot that couldn’t have been comfortable! haha

  2. Great tunes, incredible riding, laid back vibe. Totally wish I could have been there, this video showcases at least 6-8 new tricks to flatland!! Stoked, wish I could go ride right now!!

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