Level Vibes Format & Schedule announced!


MR Level Vibes himself, James White just announced the format and schedule for this legendary event that will go down in Crayford, Kent on November 22nd. Great to see the man himself put his own twist on his event! See you there!

Schedule & judging formats

12:00 open practice on both areas

13:00 Old School class
1 1/2 minute run. Anything goes from the old/mid days. Will be judged on presentation, style, execution and entertainment value!!

13:30 Beginner Class
Peg wheelies and endos is the sort of level I expect in this class. If you’ve gotta trick come and try and do it. 1 Minute run (you don’t have to use it all)

14:00 Expert class
2 min run. If you’ve got an array of tricks this is the class for you! Judged by 5 professional judges .


Professional contest:
15:00 Progressive Battle Jam
16:00 Contest runs
The only contest to separate the men from boys combining the two elements of flatland in one.
You get 50% of your overall score in the Jam with the focus on difficulty and progression. Then a 2 minute run with the focus on consistency for the rest of your points. Simple!
Both will judged by five trusted judges. The battle jam will be a one in one out jam circle in no order. You will be judged on how you ride throughout the Jam not necessarily just your best trick. No complicated judging format just try your hardest and must progressive stuff to get the highest mark you can. The 2 minute run will be traditionally judged with all the elements but focussing on consistency.
17:30 prize giving and close.

James White.


5 thoughts on “Level Vibes Format & Schedule announced!

  1. Nice to see some experimentation with format! We tried a few half-baked ideas with our local jams…some worked, some were complete cluster f’s, but I wouldn’t change a thing…have fun guys.

  2. Good Luck! I hope you have good judges and people won’t complain about the results too much… Enjoy a fun day on 20″ bikes!

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