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  1. Love it! Lincoln thinks so far out of the box of what we’re used to seeing from flatland, and has been a favourite of mine for a while.

  2. LOVE that part, and all of his others that I have seen!!!! What bike are you ridding (besides the pink Trevor mongoose at the end)?

  3. Thank you guys, glad you’re into it.
    Eron – This purple mongoose was the first freestyle bike I think I ever saw when I was really little long before I ever got my own and started doing tricks. I love that thing! Do you know who rode it for them bitd? The other frames were a stolen cherry that cracked and then 20″ s&m atf that’s still going strong.

  4. I believe that was a Trevor Hernandez (brother of Brett who rode for Dyno) who rode for mongoose at that time and maybe Karl Roth. Went to a bunch of really good hardcore shows with those brothers way back when with Chad J. and Marc Mckee. They were all rippers for sure! l also loved the Schwinns from that era that Jason Parkes rode, one of my favorite riders from any era. You know, I was trying to think of someone from back in the day that you riding brings to mind, but I truly think you are one of the really original folks out there. Kudos to you, a real pleasure to watch!!!!

  5. As far as the inspiration, I can’t claim ANY of that! I love to ride, but i’ve never been very good at it. Those guys were amazing, I was just an emancipated minor who was lucky enough to have some talented friends and a cool roommate. Those were some great times, just getting to watch that crew, especially Chris Day, Rujyi H. and Chad J. and his brother was awesome!

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