6 thoughts on “Lindsey La’akea Bode – Quest BMX Video Contest

  1. EEEEEEEEEEEIIIIAAAACK !!!!!!!!!!!! You SMASHED IT !!!!!!!!!!!! MULTIPLE STEM lashes / flails so EFFROTLESS !!!!! THAT STEM steam HELD forever ,I was like COOOOOONTROOOLLLL ……………..THEN you even CONTINUED to combo !!!!! SIIIIIIIICK !!!!! You could have dropped down and smoothied out after that HAMMER !!!! NO HANDED half hikers on POINT within combos !!!! STOKED to start off my day with this !!!! I THINK we have a WINNER at this point in the entrys !!!!!!!! Man , like BIG E said this is HEATING UP QUICK !!!! YOU, LINDSEY and everyone is freakin SHREDDING !!!! LOVING THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! RAD stem weapons/tricks/hammers Lindsey !!!!!!!!!

  2. That right there is what flatland needs.. Them steamroller pumping days are a thing of the past. Start packaging up that Quest Frame now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Want to promote your product? sponsor Lindsey! – aside from being a bad ass rider, he is posting daily! He rides daily and posts daily, often times multiple posts each day, most flatlanders worldwide or Hawaii Bmx scene is watching his daily progression, we all know he rides rain or shine, we all know he’ll ride almost anywhere, he’ll even ride with broken bike parts, he’ll ride injured, he is always promoting flatland especially with younger kids which he will go out of his way to meet up and help them learn tricks, he will expand your most creative thoughts whether you like it or not. Lindsey will promote the heck out of whatever product he’s sponsored by… He’s already promoting the heck out of products he’s not sponsored by!

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