Pinoski Montagne – Londinium

Londinium from ImUlllNosFides on Vimeo.

Just came across this new edit, and every so often this happens. No details on who the rider is, and where its filmed at. HIt play maybe you know, the rider or you are the rider, where is it shot at? London, UK?

* Pinoski Montagne updated, shot at Barbican, London!

8 thoughts on “Pinoski Montagne – Londinium

  1. Filmed at the “Barbican” centre. it’s situated in the oldest part of London near St Paul cathedral….
    (London was called Londinium in roman times… idea who the dude is thou…

  2. Hey E, stoked on the post :))
    Heres the info:

    Rider: Pinoski Montagne
    Spots: Various at Barbican
    Museum of London
    British Red Cross building


  3. first comment is from a uk legend, i hope your well tomas. pinoski told me about the spot at the barbican when he came to TGM, they look lush. long trek for me tho. will try and make it tho, stratford too, need to find some committed riders first.

  4. Barbican is not far from Liverpool st, quite close to Ride. Speaking of Ride there was quite a Big rail that was conquered there by some no brake shredder in A Ride article manymoons ago.

  5. Yo Pinoski I remember competing with you at Voodoo Jam good to see your still riding . really dig the backwards carving and frontyard pivots.

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