London BMX Flatland spring/summer 2013

It’s been a while since Maz dropped a TGM edit. Check out this one from London’s Zion and TGM spots, with riding from Keelan Phillips, James White, Jason Forde, Steve Green, Yinka Thomas and TGM Maz. Hell yeah Maz for the fire to double decade out at the end, lot of good riding in this one!

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5 thoughts on “London BMX Flatland spring/summer 2013

  1. Yeah I had that cant seem to access it via mobile. I have just managed to log into a PC and went specifically to this vid. Just had to throw a jug of water onto the computer screen due to intense fiery heat. Nice vid and immense riding

  2. Hey Guys, yeah due to the music copyright they wont play the youtube version on mobile devices but if you hit the vimeo links in the first comment above it should play on mobiles. LoL! Thanks Stuart!! 🙂

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