Lookback: March 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

The month of March means Spring time for many of us, and that means an opportunity to do some outside riding after spending the winter hibernating. And that is reflected in the increase in content throughout the month.

Sakis Doumas has been killing back wheel pedal tricks for years, hit play to check out this latest edit “Leglassion” dedicated to the memory of his father. Look out for the switch foot pedal mega spin to gerator on pedal at 1:26, and the bar grab two footed backyard jump to pedal coasting backyard around the 2:51 is so good, powerful styles from another Greek shredder. Greece is blowing up at the moment, make sure you don’t miss this one!!

Most of you people would chill out after pulling the banger part on SameThingDaily3, John is not one of those people! Chances are like me you have eagerly been waiting everyday this week for John’s “Seven days seven new tricks challenge”, and watched most of these clips on instagram, even still it is certainly worth a rewind and great to watch altogether, especially Day 7 when he could barely ride after the crash Day 6! Thanks for the motivation John!

On March 6th, Viki Gomez treated us to a friday treat, all filmed in one hour.

Inspired on Osho`s quote: “To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it. So during one hour a day I free my mind and I just ride looking for flow. This video is a part of that one hour…Like when you go for a walk, this is my one hour walk of flow.”

Viki Gomez was on fire in March and just after dropping an amazing edit he filmed in an hour, just dropped this lovely new combo for you all to drool over, xft fire hydrant xft boomerang two footed guillotine pivot to crackpacker, wow!

This two edit right here dropped on my birthday and really kick started that feeling that spring was here. Pete Brandt, James McGraw, Dylan Worsley, Jesse Puente, Ahmed Johnson, and Shayne Khajehnoori and many more feature in these awesome Clocktower jam edits put together by One Love and James McGraw. Good times in SF! Feel the spring vibes, oh yeah!!!

Relaxed Holiday vibes from Wastl’s holiday riding sessions at the harbor of Santiago on La Gomera. Look out for the long backwards facing manual at 1:10, so good!

Let it be said first, I’m a big fan of these TCU podcasts where Catfish and Adam 22 invite different characters onto their show and discuss their lives in all forms. For the 13th episode, Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois were invited to the show, rather than mention everything they discuss. Sit down grab a beer, a tea or coffee, whatever you have and enjoy and listen to their perspective. This turned out to my one of the most controversial interviews of the year!

You could in hindsight say that March was all about Viki Gomez, check out this sweet new pivot line he calls “Spring Roll”.

Two friends go head to head, Jean William Prevost vs Jason Plourde at Toronto CFO 11 for the title, hit play to watch this one unfold!

Stranger are holding a Nose Manual contest on their Facebook page. George Manos entered his signature backwards facing nose manual to the contest, head over to their FB page and vote for George or alternatively get involved and enter your own nose manual entry for a bit of fun.


Bobby Carter is always on top of things no matter what he does! The Aloha jam is going down this year on the weekend of August 22-23, 2015. Check out this awesome book Bobby put together from the 2014 jam, and soak up some Hawaii vibes. This looks so good!

Not that he isn’t always, but Viki Gomez seems to smashing it at the moment. Tons of new clips regularly, like this nice new brakeless xft half hiker body varial to half packer at 00:11! And in effortless Viki style of course! Anyone counting the edits and clips from Viki in March?!

And it continues!!Christian Van Hanja from ART Magazine teamed up with Viki Gomez for an ambitious camera project, here is what Christian had to say! Don’t miss this one!
“After almost 5 years of development, 3 days of preparation and 8 hours of shooting, This is the first BMX clip ever filmed combining : 4K Ultra high definition, PHANTOM Ultra slow motion and a 75 dslr CamArray.
Enjoy BMX flatland legend Viki Gomez in an epic link, filled with his creative and stylish riding. Directed by Christian Van Hanja, with the support of Propulsion, Sub-lab, Ciné-Motion-Lab, Ciné-lum and Profoto.”

Not only Viki killing it in march, but John Yull too! The description says “Just a couple of Instagram clips from this week”, but as you will see, John delivers a lil’ more than that. Look out for the last clip!

To say John Yull and Jim McKay have whet the appetite with this amazing Limitless Trailer is an understatement. Make sure you do not miss this!

You could say Mike S’s riding is timeless, a lot of what he has done and had dialled in the contest arena is still to this day untouched. The video is short, but to the point and one of the best things I have watched in a while. Mike S explains more:
“So much to say here: I have been to riding for so many years, memory fails me, I confuse contests or forget them altogether. But I know 2002 was a great year for me contest wise. I used to do many tricks switch and I believe many riders remember me for that. My friend Calvin Tan recently asked me to do that again and I said it’s too hard, which it actually is. But I can still do a few of my old tricks, even if it’s shaky.
It was fun to challenge myself to do this one afternoon. And then I remembered stuff like this was once worth $US10,000 according to a few street riders. Fun times!
p.s.: Remember that song? Cologne Worlds 2002? I love it!”

Matthias Dandois introduces his signature “La Bastille” frame with Haro Bikes! Lookout for an intense No handed spinning half packer whip to half packer line at 1:41, all shot in San Diego, California.
Get all the specs and details by clicking below!

Half Backwards Rolaid to Halfpacker anyone? Look out for that at the 3:05 mark. As always Lee Musselwhite is not afraid to stand out and add his personal touch to his riding, hit play as Lee runs through some of his classic positions at his indoor riding spot!

Austin Luberda is one of the most exciting talents to come out of the American flatland scene in the last few years. Austin has a really explosive style and flow, and really consistent with it too, really stoked to start the week off with this “Spring Forward” edit! The dump truck pivot to spinning xft ice cream is attacked so well at 2:21 mark, fun to watch this guy ride! Big future!

* Jeff Desroche started Pegasus BMX, and Waldemar Fatkin and Camilo Gutirrez left Autum, both two big sponsorship moves that happened in March!


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