Luis dos Santos – Front Wheel Flatland

Luis dos Santos out of Brazil works his tightly spaced flatland backward riding area in style in this new “Front Wheel Flatland edit. Don’t sleep on this, what stood out to me was the Jeff Desroche style pedal steam straddling over the back wheel like a front wheel time machine at 00:16, Cliff to spinning cliff foot on bars without using hand to set up at 1:11, and the crack jump to hitch at 1:45 is wild! Don’t sleep on this!

8 thoughts on “Luis dos Santos – Front Wheel Flatland

  1. Hell yeah, some great stuff in this edit! Another rider to follow for sure… that front wheel time machine jump looked proper as fk!

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This edit SCREAMS M.O.C times 7 , Luis DEF HAS HAMMERS in his trick arsenal !! Reminds me of the effortless flow of Mickey Gaidos , the way he moves around his bike , AND the HEAVY BANGER moves , like Terry Adams !! Cliff to hiker , crack / BIKE -VARIAL to hiker , etc , etc !!! Luis is RULING times 7 , MORE JEFE MORE please !!

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