8 thoughts on “Luke Malone – Freestylin’

  1. I’ve never met Luke, but I imagine his daily routine is something like this.

    1. Shave head
    2. Morning session
    3. Mow the lawn.
    4. Workout, mainly upper body.
    5. Evening session
    6. Go to sleep listening to Carlos Santana and dreaming about riding.

  2. i imagine his day as is follows-

    1. wake up, eat 3 raw eggs (not even #2 yet)
    2. eat 12 more raw eggs and the hen that laid them, raw. maybe some water
    3. walk out of garage and benchpress first car seen, 3 sets of 12
    4. sit down, relax, read script for his next movie, expendables 3
    5. get bmx and pump the shit out of all rolling tricks wearing 15 pound ankle weights
    6. go to sleep hanging on an inversion table while injecting protein and antioxidants intraveinously

  3. OMG those descriptions are the best thing I’ve read in weeks! Thank you!
    Luke – you rule. I know even before I’ve seen the video. I’ll now go get a bag in case if hyperventilation, and watch it.

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