12 thoughts on “Luke Malone – Power And Pause

  1. F——K , THIS rules !! Had a feeling he was in that garage PROGRESSING / SLAYING , gotta watch this multiple times , ALOT to take in !! Hes in there BANGING ………….and ALL CALM after nailing these TECH / STYLISH rolling / turbine / boomerang to MESSIAH / HAMMER combos , HAHAHAHAHA !! I GET STOKED pulling a SINGLE decade ……..with a BRAKE …..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA !!! Jefe Malone RIPS !!!! This edit was WORTH the wait-TIMES 7 !!

  2. As impressive as all his edits are, even more impressive is that Luke shows up to jams, etc. and just kills it. Doesn’t matter how crappy or uneven the surface. Pulls long combos from start to finish all day long.

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