Luke Malone wins Master of Creativity AM Round 2

Congratulations to Luke Malone who won the Master of Creativity AM Round 2 contest, followed by Round 1 winner Etienne Taraud and Remus Simion. Head over to the Master of Creativity instagram to check the entries! Rankings after the first two rounds below with Luke and Etienne tied for first going into the final round, congratulations to all the riders pushing their level up. So awesome to see.

One thought on “Luke Malone wins Master of Creativity AM Round 2

  1. These cats ALL threw DOWN ! Saw a lot of the entries on F.B. SALUD Luke , your x-arm / pedal rockets turbines , that boomerang to STAALLLLLED hang five to whiplash , were mint campeon !! M.O.C. is SO good for flatland , hell …….. its good for bmx in general !

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