Madrid builds a legit flatland spot!

There is something amazing happening globally right now, with cities recognising flatland as a sport and building specific riding spots for riders to practise and do their thing. Madrid have just built a granite marble flatland spot, Viki Gomez went back to where he grew up riding for the opening ceremony with Varo Hernandez. Anyone fancy a trip to Madrid?

4 thoughts on “Madrid builds a legit flatland spot!

  1. This is great news for these countries. If only Australia would do the same. Here it’s pretty much if you ride park, well, there’s plenty of free skateparks to ride, as many of you would know. Maybe when flat’s in the Olympics, things may change.

  2. I guess first thing is to have riders asking (and then lobbying) to their local representatives. Nothing like that comes in another way.

  3. R I brought up having clinics over 10 years ago. You know what the person whom I said this said, we’re not exactly role models. I didn’t say anything to him, but I just thought speak for yourself. Now, not very encorageing, or positive, but I’m just reiterating what was said. The years past on, there was more negatives & as I posted on here months ago, about a few things. When I posted what I posted, it wasn’t anything negative about the contest series, it was about the attitudes of certain individuals. I can pragmatically say, that my sources,& they wouldn’t make up crap, that they’re not as happy with certain individuals either. Once again, I’ll not be a John Lennon;& be gagged, and not afraid of telling it how it is. In the words of Ron Wilkerson, keeping it real. But, thanks for your suggestion R.

  4. Have to add, I really don’t think they care about flat enough to do more, even though the reality’s here, we don’t also have enough distribution help also.

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