Mannie Nogueira – Welcome to Crux Division

Mannie has been on it this year with updates, and looks like he just secured a nice hook up with Crux Division! Peep his new edit, some really sweet back wheel combos! Keep it up Mannie!

5 thoughts on “Mannie Nogueira – Welcome to Crux Division

  1. AWESOME…Mannie is the only 17 -year old I can stand talking to. He deserves it and Sidewall is very cool to hook him up! Nice work!

  2. Cool – such a personal style. A rider I’ve followed since the Global-Flat battles. Riding alone has been really good to him. I’m always excited to see how he progresses and the trick choices he makes. Nice video. I like the thing that looks like it will be a decade and then he lands with his legs on the pedals over the head tube.

  3. Thanks alot Paul! Ive been trying to learn as much as i can and kinda get my own style! i have some cool things in the works!

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