Maple Vibes – Top 3 Pro Highlights

Steven Lapsley just came through with this amazing Top 3 Pro Highlights edit from the annual Maple Vibes contest in Toronto, Canada this past weekend. Featuring Dominik Nekolny, Jean William Prevost, and Takahiro Ikeda, this is well worth stopping what you are doing and watching this one!

7 thoughts on “Maple Vibes – Top 3 Pro Highlights

  1. It has been forever since I have watched an 8-minute edit (other than my own) and have been riveted the whole time. This is beautiful and the banger at the end is inhuman.

  2. For a while I’ve been well aware that Dom’s a highly skilled rider.
    After taking some time to really watch his riding in various edits, the man’s a beast! Just awesome!

  3. Actually I hate the front wheel touching the ground, but I was pretty done in the end… Next time I do better! Thank you guys!

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