14 thoughts on “Marcos de Jesus – Instagram Compilation

  1. Absolutely a treat to watch Marcos ride! I never got sick of his riding from when I first saw him on Diversion or Intrikat. He gives me the impression he loves the feeling of that adrenaline rush you get riding at high speed.

  2. Amazing!
    Remembering watching Marcos on Diversion, (amazing part, with Leo Claro if Iā€™m right + other locals)…
    So good to see that he still rides, crazy level and style!
    Thank you Marcos!

      • One or the best part in my opinion…
        The level of riding is incredible, Marcos, Leo and Daniel are so good, each with their own style, the music choice is also great… a part of my childhood!
        Hats off to Bobby Carter for this masterpiece!

  3. Had to watch this again, just like the YouTube vid where it looks like Marcos’s is riding a white Ares frame, that vid’s awesome. He’s also 1 of the few riders that link front wheel to back wheel, which I haven’t seen too often.

  4. Contagious smile upon landing every time. You can feel a small bit of his happiness as he’s grinning and riding out of the high speed intensity. Also interesting to me, his style fits the music in the edit well. I don’t really like riding to any form of metal, but this seems to mesh with the maiden playing. Radness.

  5. THAT!…plus the Iron Maiden!….holy Crap that was good.The backup ashtray got me goin.I can barflip out of a swivel from seeing Chase back in the day,but just like the Hoods showed,forward rolling is the good stuff.My Wife digs metal and flat too,She’s gonna love this too!Thanks Marcos,you are rad!

  6. Got to say, this edit’s enduring. I rate this with Martti’s Moments, Chase’s Function Victim, Simon’s Made You Look etc.

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