Mark McGrade – Last Dance

Last Dance from Mark McGrade on Vimeo.

Saving this one as the last post today, Mark McGrade made this edit in memory of my Dad who passed away from ALS back in 2002. His Birthday is on December 13th, Mark asked that I post this edit on the 13th, which is the very least I can do. Great new edit to boot as well from Mark, the standout for me was the turbine invisible hand at 1:36! Loving that modern twist on an old move, good job on the edit Mark! Thinking of you today…

10 thoughts on “Mark McGrade – Last Dance

  1. Good stuff, Marky Mark! I’m sure your dad would be super proud of all you’ve accomplished as well as those badass turbines!

  2. Thanks Danny!!!
    Big thanks to Effraim for putting this up, it means so much to me and my family!
    I Just know my Pop is smiling watching this.

    I have 4 herniated discs and I’m closing in on 50 years old but I’m not done quite yet!
    Hopefully my best is yet to come!

    Much Love to all ya! #rider4life

  3. great edit and my heartfelt sentiments to you & your family, my dad passed in 2006 so i know the pain of the loss. and i gotta say, YOUR PICKUP TRUCK IS TOTALLY BADASS!!!!! Air Bags or Hydraulics?

    • Thanks Marley! Sorry to hear about your Dad, I’m sure you miss him as much as I miss mine.
      The Truck was my Dads, he gave it to me once he knew his time was close.
      His Father bought it for him in 1979, He got tired of watching my Dad walk to work. It was my Dads pride and joy and he only put 50k miles on it, he loved it so much.
      Many nights my Dad and I would have a few beers and he would tell me all his Plans for it….but money was tight and I knew they were just dreams.
      After he died I saved up for many years and fulfilled every one his dreams, it took 4 years to complete the restoration.
      The truck was fully frame up restored, painted Lexus Pearl White, full AirRideTech suspension, 396 Crate motor, Turbo 350 trans, 20” wheels and a custom interior.
      It was a joy working on it and it’s an even greater pleasure owning and driving it!
      It’s crazy though, even after all that work it still smells like him.
      His spirt is always with me, it’s wonderful!!

  4. Mr. Vertical Smile , such a SLAAAAAAMM DOZERED edit of your complex rolling links ! Loving that invisible elbow glide variation , the coat hangers , etc ,etc . Throwing turbines in these positions mid-line is really rad to do ,and rad for me to watch / bug out on . Ive wondered what you were up to on dat Quest frame , stoked I got my visual answer ! Feeling the love / respect you had for your pops man . This was such a cool way of showing it . Damn , campeon……Id be ammmmped to lay down your fast , carved rolling hammer lines . Watching these is a treat like mustard / pretzels , washed down with an apple Joya cola , if ya get my meaning , haha . I STILL peep out your Vimeo channel from time to time , been a fan of your riding since before you were reppin Quest bmx . Your tight garage combos are f-kn SEEEZZZIIIED , in other words ….Super dialed , tech , and precise ! Keep ruling your bike , bruva . As you stated , yup , I think you have LOADS more ripping to do on dat bmx !!

  5. How am I just reading this now?
    Haha! Love ya Rodney, and thanks sooooo much for the kind words! You sir, have just made my day…hell, you made my whole year!

    Lots of love and keep riding!!

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