4 thoughts on “Markus Redlberger – Quick Spring Session

  1. I’ve always liked it when riders explore a discipline outside of whatever has been their “focus”. First, its all about bike control and, as someone who has never ridden trails only be cause i’ve never had access, I can’t imagine missing out on a new means of further developing it. But, I also like that people who explore new terrain are rarely ever doing it for the sake of “blowing up” or “getting coverage”. The impetus for getting into park or street after ridding mostly flat is for the sake of enjoyment! And, when you watch an edit like this, it just screams enjoyment and fun. Ridding always looks its best when it is done for fun.

  2. Nice little edit that! I agree with E-Ron, moving into the Streetland Genre is always pleasurable to watch & can be SUPER Fun! Whilst that was all Park based, Markus shows great Street Style & the Begin styley Bar Catch was quality especially the one handed ride out! I’d like to see a full Streetland Edit from Markus Riding legit Street! He’s showing great skill on the ledges! Markus if You see this, take it to the Streets & get it done!! Pleeeeease šŸ™‚

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