Martin Drazil wins Dalmatian Warriors 2016

Leon Vignjević sent in a nice update from the Dalmatian Warriors contest in Baška Voda, Croatia. Congratulations to Martin Drazil winning the Pro Class, and Adam Pekar taking the win in Master class!

Here’s what Leon had to say:

“We had Master and Pro class, 2 days of battles… all the riders enjoyed summer and nature in Baška Voda, they got free rooms and free food plus prize money in both class. Both days we had afterparties and concert, 2 DJs who played music all day. It was soo good even all riders tell that this was best contest in their life 🙂

If you missed it, be sure you come next year when we plan even bigger contest.”

MASTER class
1. Adam Pekar (czs)
2. Leon Vignjević
3. Frane Granić

PRO class
1.Martin Dražil
2. Camilo Gutierrez
3. Chris Böhm

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