Martin Drazil wins Fight The Winter!

Seems like an annual tradition Malte Orth invites everyone to Göttingen, Germany in order to “fight the winter”. This I believe was the third year. Congratulations to Martin Drazil from the Czech Republic who took the first place. Great to see the return and some footage of Wolfgang Sauter riding! Peep this good edit from Martin @ GlobalFlat.

1st Martin Drazil
2nd Markus Reich
3rd Wolfgang Sauter
4th Kevin Nikulski
5th Dustyn Alt
6th David Hoffmann
7th Timo Quitter
8th Rayk Hahne

7 thoughts on “Martin Drazil wins Fight The Winter!

  1. I don’t want to launch a debate, flatland is freedom by definition, but I must say it always kind of ruins my pleasure when I don’t see pedals on a bike. But it does not ruin the fact that Wolfgang has always been a shredder, a stylish cat amazing to watch. Good to see him, with or without!

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