16 thoughts on “Marton Szilagyi – 45 edit

  1. Wow man , its times like this when Im stoked on THIS site ! First video Ive watched this morning on my day off , eating breakfast , getting ready for a garage sesh . O.G marton is one of my favorite riders since I first saw his part in Parade . Watched that part a million times over ! Always loved that he had that KEVIN/CHASE mentality/drive/vision to, as Scott Powell would say ,master the bike ! From the switch foot brakeless rolling perv as the first trick of this edit , I INSTANTLY got stoked ! Around the world / x hiker-pivot to backwards backpacker , the SUPER controlled pedaling death truck/ blender , one haned lashes , nose manual to g-strings , etc , etc !!!! REALLY dug this edit ! Happy Birthday O.G. !!!! This whole edit really made my day , so rad to see him STILL pushing/progressing at 45 , never heard this song either , but I like it , goes with the feel of this edit ! I just found their vimeo channel also with ALL the Original Gypsy vids ! Gonna watch those later also !! Thanx for the upload BIG E !!!!!!

  2. Woah.
    So amazing, that blender – pedal blender line was tops.
    I could only dream to be this good at 45!!!
    Happy birthday Marton!

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