Marton Szilagyi 48 Edit

Marton's 48 Edit (year end edit) from og pictures on Vimeo.

As Marton Szilagyi celebrates his 48th birthday, I think back to meeting Marton for the first time when I was riding alone in the skate rink at Southsea Skatepark, I must have been 14/15 years old at the time.
Marton was working in the circus down towards the fair ground, and we hit it off right away. He was at the time riding at a basic level, a year later he came back and was an absolute monster.
As I watch Marton’s 48th birthday edit I think about this guys contribution to the sport, he’s done so much it’s hard to really capture it, but whether video parts, making full videos (Trickstars, KHE videos), mentoring riders (Adam Kun, Denes Katona, the list goes on), running OG bike Co and a bike shop and distro. Marton is one of the most skilled riders out there in my opinion, this video is well worth watching, good production and even better timeless riding. Thanks for all you do OG Marton!

8 thoughts on “Marton Szilagyi 48 Edit

  1. As Big E stated , O.G. Marton is one of the most skilled riders in the game ! Really enjoyed the bits and pieces of this edit that I could watch , the edit KEEPS FREEZING UP …..Anyone else have THIS problem watching it ??!! Been a major fan of his riding since K.H.E.s Fitness video ! Cant wait to watch this WHOLE edit ….When it STOPS buffering !

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