Marton Szilagyi and the Haro Masters

Marton and the Haro Masters from og pictures on Vimeo.

Marton Szilagyi goes back to his Haro Master roots and performs tricks from the Old, Mid and New School. Martin definitely as I call it “went to school”, as always with OG Marton’s videos great quality. and I would expect no less from one of the best riders to ever do it out of the European flatland scene. Great concept video. Respect!

11 thoughts on “Marton Szilagyi and the Haro Masters

  1. Loved the video. Thanks. I wonder what’s going on with what kind of a rear sprocket he’s using on those tuffs? As far as I know they are only 16t available but that can’t be what he’s running with that front sprocket.

      • You’re on point Adam,I also run coaster brake at the moment with 16/12 gear great for pedaling tricks.Awesome video Marton,keep it oldschool !!!

        • Giannis – Rodney and I are throwing together “Lil Doses” – a short 10-15 minute edit . The final video submit date is 12/15 .. We would love to have you highlight this…If interested let one of us know. If that doesn’t pan out I am doing one more video after that Doses 2020 or Doses 10 whatever it’s gonna be called and again love to have you on that. I apologize for hijacking Marton’s edit , . He has been one of my top 10 favorite riders for along time. Being a former mag rider myself I love this edit!!!! Did you have issues with putting high psi in the tires?

  2. Giannis , you have NO idea , me knowing NOW……… that youre in THIS.. with Adam , myself !!! Im friggin STOKED , TIMES 7 ! Im all for you getting that much MORE exposure . I talk to Adam Guild about this , ALL the time…….how I personally feel you banging out OVER 100 edits of DIFFERENT , ORIGINAL , PROGRESSIVE lines…….that you’ve earned / deserves a whole lot MORE props , exposure to the sport …….AND this edit of O.G. Marton is dope !! Loving seeing a RETRO bike like THIS, get put through some SLLAAAAAAMMMMED , TIMELESS , RAD combos , MAGS and all !! O.G. Marton is one of the ELITES for sure ….ALWAYS has been . Adam Diclaudio of the A.T.X. bmx crew, once sessioned with him , I think in 1998 , @ Chenga skate park with Scott Powell . Adam told me , Diego Tejaa that Marton can literally do just about anything on BOTH wheels like Trevor , Chase , you , Giannis , Degroot , Jones , Kuoppa , Viki , etc , etc ……….Diclaudio said he literally didn’t see him repeat a line , trick for like 4 HOURS , hahaha……always wondered just why O.G. Marton never competed in any of the X-GAMES hed attend back in 2001 , 2002 , filming for his Trick Stars bmx video series , ESPECIALLY… being that he , in my opinion woulda EASILY made finals , placed TOP 5 , being that he had the DIFFICULTY , VARIETY , and was SUPER consistent with his links…on BOTH wheels !! To each his own though , but I would of LOVED to see him compete in em !!! CANT WAIT to see what you throw down in LIL DOSES , Giannis ……as you stated……….LETS DO THIS !!!!!!!

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