6 thoughts on “Marton Szilagyi – Monday Morning Routine

  1. When I watch people with this kind of extensive vocabulary on the bike, and then think about how long I’ve been riding, makes me feel like I’ve been taking the short bus to the spot. I LOVE to ride, no question, but what I do and what many of you more accomplished folks do, is like, “see spot run!” vs. Dostoyevsky. Amazing! Love it!

  2. Loving this , always AMMMMMMMMPPED seeing riders like him , BIG E , Trevor , Chase , Powell , Giannis , Kevin ……….STILL ripping …..TODAY !! Having tricktionarys like these riders just baffles me . it has to feel SO rad to go to your session spot………..KNOWING you could literally be there riding for DAYS….. straight …..going through endless chapters of combos , variations , on BOTH wheels ! THAT has to be the ULTIMATE high in flatland right there or in LIFE period ! If I were THAT skilled……………like these guys………I don’t think I could deal with that , yalls minds must be in CONSTANT session mode ………even when yall are NOT on yalls bikes !

  3. After watching OG ride in his 48th birthday edit, to me just shows how effortlessly he rides, just as in this latest 1. From the many edits I’ve seen over the years, his worst seems to be better than most.

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