Martti Kuoppa 2002-2003

I just got done watching this video of MK in and around his prime, when he killed every comp, and it left me with a thought, this guy was at the top, and he brought something to the sport to be at the top, he brought his own creative flair, almost all the tricks you see are either his tricks, or he’s added something to them to make them his own. This is a top pro rider in my mind. Im currently more stoked watching old videos than I am new contest videos, riders dont seem to have that creative spark currently, what are others peoples thoughts on this? Dont hold back now, lets hear it!

3 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa 2002-2003

  1. i definitely agree with that comment. it seems like most of the online videos are just one style – spinning – and if you aren't the guy who does spinning tricks, its hard to watch and stay motivated.

    like you, i began watching some of the older videos (FMs, Background, etc.) and it seems like there were way variance in styles. no matter what sort of rider you are, you can find something to get you stoked.

    when i saw that new video of nathan p riding, i couldn't have been more excited. rather than see a fresh rider doing all of the same sort of "new" tricks, it was nice to see an older original rider ripping.

    my thoughts, i guess.

  2. Interesting reply trevor, thanks for taking the time to contribute! Im going to post another MK video ina moment that supports my view, in my opinion, MK could drop these tricks in a run now and kill it, these are way harder than what i see currently.
    I guess its about how you take the old school to the new school and give it that lil twist, ive heard many people say "ah he can't win with that trick, its old", but at same time, what if a trick is brand new and its easy….

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