Martti Kuoppa announces Master of Creativity Online Competition!

Photo credit: Kai Kuusisto.

As always with creative people, they are constantly searching for new things and ways to progress the sport. Martti Kuoppa, my editorial choice for rider of the year plus your reader choice for Rider of Year, most progressive rider and contest run of the year runs through his new concept for an online flatland competition. Read on:

“Since I ran Ground Tactics I wanted to do it again, but I did not want to use the same concept again, because there was a lot of improvements I wanted to do. So it was more natural to start off from a clean page with a brand new concept for video competitions.

I got the idea for this soon after I joined Instagram and started delivering my short videos there and I realized that lot of people actually liked them a lot. My mind started to wander around the words: Creativity, Difficulty, New tricks, video competition, short videos, no filler tricks etc. And soon after ”Master of Creativity” was born.

For me the creativity aspect in Flatland is the reason why I have continued riding for so long and why I came back to riding after not riding for several years. So it was clear to me that I wanted to sharpen the idea from the previous online competition I organized; which made me decide that the entries must be less than 15 seconds, (I am keeping 1 second as intro page: Master of Creativity, riders name). There are couple of reasons why I want to keep it so short: Originally I got the idea from Instagram, so I want all the videos to be published on Instagram too. Then, as the video is so short, it gives absolutely no room for any filler tricks and it actually directs the rider to really focus sharper on 1 – 3 very difficult moves within his combo.

Master of Creativity as a name or a title is big and heroic, but that´s why I am expecting the tricks to be big too. I am not saying that this is the right way to run a competition, but at least it´s a different way to do it. Now go to the site and submit your registration! Thank you.”

Martti Kuoppa.

3 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa announces Master of Creativity Online Competition!

  1. I really like that this concept includes shorter runs.
    I believed since a pretty long time that shorter contest runs would also result in higher creativity. I was thinking in the 1 minute to 1,30 in finals direction.
    If this trend catches on with the video battles, it might also become established in the live contest area.

    i liked the flatground name better, though..
    props to martti, nice to see the online battles come back 🙂

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