14 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa – Battle in the Rockies

  1. To this day, steamroller kickflip to crackpacker still owns… go Martti! For a second, I seriously thought he was going to make a u-turn while doing the stemlashes and come back towards the camera with them.

  2. Greg I like how you compaired me to Martti, I know your comment was probably ment to be derogatory but I’ll take it as a compliment hahah Martti you killed it bud, and have always been a huge inspiration for me. Book him the ticket!

  3. give the ticket to @Greg, watch him ride like a cunt then we can all judge him as he likes to make stupid comments that have no reason to be made .Martti i’m super stoked just to see any footage of you. RIDE ON

  4. The Boss laying it down! That’s like flipping off Matthias with out actually doing the deed. 🙂 Just let the riding speak for you! Good lord Martti! Just ridiculous!

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