7 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa Clockwise

  1. Oh shit you know I’m liking this one Effraim! My mind is already thinking variations so I can’t wait to see where Martti takes this.

  2. This is awesome. I love that both tires are on the ground before and after the decade. No limits to Flatland.

    On a totally different note.

    I get a bit sad though because I miss the days of video parts that amazed and pushed me. Its almost like I appreciate these combo’s for sure but I miss the presentation of a video part. I do not remember these wonderful tricks as well as I do the video parts Martti had in Intrikat and other videos.

    Videos never leave my mind but these you tube clips do for some crazy reason. With all due respect to Martti and what he is doing. He is pushing the only way he can and knows how at this time in life. That is what is great about him. He pours it out to us all as best he can. So unselfish and giving to Flatland BMX.

    Thanks, Just miss the video days!

    • Its funny what you say Scott, as I am in process of reviewing MKs Bootleg DVD, which kind of bridges the gap between these clips and the video parts you talk about (intrikat). So keep a look out for a review in next few days.

  3. Scott,
    thank you for understanding and positive feedback regarding my riding!

    The reason/s of not working on a video parts at the moment is quite simple actually. And one of the most important reasons is that I do feel at the moment that I gets to inspire a lot more people all over the flatland world when I show insant progression day by day or whenever I learn something new. I quit traveling and all that which makes me feel that publishing these progression clips on youtube as often as I progress can take the rider to be part of my session and that way inspire them to stick to riding.

    Another reason might be that if I work on a video project it would be another “never ending” project that would just make me feel bit pressured to complete within certain time… But yeah, I definetely get your point and I do miss the dvd days as well.

    Anyways, been awhile since we spoke/hang out! Hopefully will meet up somewhere in near future!

  4. Martti,

    I understand the explanation for sure. Never ending!! Hahaha!
    Yes hope to see you soon one day. Maybe you can come for holidays to USA for Voodoo and hang out.
    Hope you are well and thank you for the inspiration!


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