Martti Kuoppa disqualification interview

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Everyone on the planet unless locked in a cave is talking about Martti Kuoppa being disqualified from the World Classic in Tokyo Japan this weekend. I wanted to find out more from the man himself, read on…. So…I’m baffled like the rest of the flatland world, give a bit of background first about you competing in japan, i know you’ve had your run ins with the organisers? There is always two sides of the coin. This time I seems to be always on the wrong side of it that people don’t understand my way of supporting flatland.

Japan as a country prides itself on respect and respecting others, it seems they have shown no respect towards you, how do you feel about that?
For me respect is a multi-dimensional and I think this one has got nothing to do about respect.
I have to respect the organization as well and be honest to them and say that I have been on a holiday and didn’t ride much. In my opinion it is more respect to be honest like that instead of going there and just freestyle on my run. Of course I am confident about my riding after a relaxing holiday when it comes to riding, but I do understand if others don’t like that way of thinking.
This kind of comps are far away of my ideology behind riding. I ride for the purity of progression and sure, it won’t look good for the non-flatland audience to make a hard trick and fail. There is always a risk,
but there is always a chance that I pull them off.

Does everyone that competes in world classic have to try and win?
Winning attitude. Remember long time ago GT bicycles had that t shirt “winning attitude”. I don’t have it anymore. I killed that attitude. I don’t even want to win anymore. That’s how much I changed.

In your opinion what are the problems that exist over in japan and the kog organisation specifically?
I know what’s behind the curtain. I stay quiet for now.

What are the corporate implications of you being disqualified?
Not aware of such things….

Do you get the feeling that you are threat over there?
Not consistent enough to be a threat anywhere in the competition world. I guess the biggest threat is that if someone like me who don’t care about good results anymore actually wins a big competition against well prepared dudes. I am no more athlete. I am just a rider.

How can you have a “world classic” event without the most progressive rider of the moment in it?
Well the thing is that I can organize the world championships of flatland in Helsinki next summer if I want to. Who will tell me I can’t do it? I can put up my own rules and if noone shows up, you know the winner.
Same thing, my contest my rules…
But one thing is for sure, I had so much stress of the job situation that I couldn’t focus on practice. If someone takes it as dis respect towards his organization, well, too bad, I got to survive in my life.
I even asked to be a judge of that event,but didn’t get replied.

I’ve had a lot of people asking me questions about Jungle rider and where your riding will go from here, any plans for up and coming edits and any news on the frame?
Well, I go step by step really. The first prototype just arrive today and it looks really clean and strong.
I return home soon and see how my daily job schedule will be and I will ride as much as I can on my free time to test the frame.

Is flatland at the lowest point its ever been?
I would say that I am out here just to keep flatland alive, that’s all I am able to do. I won’t play a God and try to make it bigger, because that is when things gets strange and not fair for the roots of our sport of
flatland. So right now flatland is at the transit hall. Trying to see which flight to catch up and where to.
to be continued..

4 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa disqualification interview

  1. He's a real flatlander for sure, im still in shock.
    The only arguement against that ive seen was that hes not "into" contests, but the counter arguement outweighs it i believe…
    Martti has always brought the unexpected, you just dont know, and I think thats a huge loss, now you know the combos and what will happen, thats not good for me, real shame.
    I wish Martti luck in his job, the contest drama doesn't seem worth it, his groundtactics edit route, pushing his riding back to the most progressive in the world seems much healthier and great for the scene.

  2. "his groundtactics edit route, pushing his riding back to the most progressive in the world seems much healthier and great for the scene."

    Those progression vids Martti put up day after day showed SO MANY people that creativity can be pushed forward on a daily basis…
    I know it made me and others go ride their hearts out!

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