Martti Kuoppa – In Action

MK in action from Martti Kuoppa on Vimeo.

Who else goes back and searches for the Martti Kuoppa Junglerider clips on a regular basis, well if you are like me. You will be stoked today to see this amazing “In action” edit that still to this day hits so hard. One of the most progressive eras in modern flatland that I was really proud to be apart of, everything dropped in this is a highlight, go watch again and get hyped for your session today!

9 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa – In Action

    • There is so much good stuff in this, hard to take in all the hammers. But the one foot crack kick flip two footed steam at 00:59 is mind-blowing and most likely always will be…

  1. YEEEEEESSS AGREED with BIG E / MR.ECLIPSE !!!! I STILL comb through his YouTube channel , watch EVERY one of these G.T. videos ALL the time !!! TOO many HAMMERS to take in !!!! LOVING this , my FAVORITE ???? X-LEG hang ten -KICK FLIP to side packer !!!!!

  2. Kevin, Chase, and Martti are all timeless.
    Watching them ride it doesn’t matter what year it was recorded.
    It will always rule.

  3. No one in flat is stepping to this stuff anytime soon… Martti totally broke the flat progression timeline doing these burly ass kickflips all those years ago.

    • Untouched in a lot of stuff he did, and you have to think he dialled a lot of it and won three XGames gold medals with the hardest stuff. And always had extra for video parts, absolutely amazing.

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