Martti Kuoppa is back from holiday!!!

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

12 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa is back from holiday!!!

  1. Holy fucking shit Martti. That megaspin whopper was SO insanely solid and I can't believe you hung it to the decade out. Absolutely mindblowing. The Monster Energy Drink clip was hilarious too.

  2. Yesh. That is a new proto 9" tall, wide as fuck and 6 degree backsweep. Not the most beautiful thing I have seen but does the job!

    I am super motivated to ride. Today was the first session after my holiday and I felt great!!

  3. As for Monster, I am working for them. Not sponsored.
    That´s all! They gave me a job when I was struggling to find one, so I am very greatful for it.

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