Masashi Itani – Meriken Park

After trouble all day with YouTube, hoping I had ecome up with a way to load YT videos, excuse the sizing as I work out what the hell is going on with YT…

After a 9 hour day of filming some of the best Japanese flatland BMX riders, both old and current generations, at Chimera A-Side Round 2 in Kobe, Japan, Sunny Singh headed to the legendary spot at Meriken Park with Masashi Itani. This is a spot nearly every flatland rider has seen in a video. It’s a holy site where, for over 20 years, Japanese riders have gathered regularly to ride and feed off each other. Getting to visit it at sunset was a lifelong dream fulfilled. Borrowing Masashi’s bike to do a trick was another. Filming this short segment with him, an actual pro-rider, was a full-circle moment.

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