7 thoughts on “Masashi Itani – Monthly SPACEARK May 2016 / mmfilms

  1. Very smooth… it’s a treat nowadays to see back wheel lines that don’t link into or culminate in a time machine variation of some kind.

  2. +1 ALL comments above !! Man Ive loved Masashis riding/flow since the first time I saw a One Love jam edit with him in it , the tech he puts in his lines are insane ! Kinda reminds me of Phil Dolans around the worlds , just on the back wheel . Ive STRUGGLED with just two footed back yards since summer 2013 , just basic position itself is so hard to me . Ive watched COUNTLESS videos of every/anyone doing them ,but to this day I still struggle with them bar small AND bars big !!! Hahahahahahahahahah !!! Anyway details like the way Masashi rolls his……… then CASUALLY half bars/slips out to a inside rope ,still on his RIGHT foot /half bars/slips to ice cream , THEN slip/comes BACK to the backyard , so EFFORTLESSLY/SMOOOOOOTH just mind f-ks me man !! BIG E is dead on , hes WAY underatted !! I saw him sesh/compete at Voodoo Jam 2015 and was blown away by his level of difficulty/tech in his combos………during the pre jam AND the contest itself !!! I was STOKED waking up to watch this edit yesterday AND stoked to watch it now !! WATER FLOW/TECH= MASASHI !!!!!!!!

  3. AND that fudge packer/ body varial to cross right ice cream ……pivot BACK to stick b roll !!!!!!! So many things going on AT ONCE , rolling in the SAME direction !!! That QUICK two footed peg wheelie/inside pivot on his right foot/full bar to inside ice cream/x-leg over to turbine LEFT foot inside pumping forward ice cream !!! TECH !!! Dude, he nailed a 2016 version of a switch-b link , he rolls his two footed back yard/switch-bs to a rolling backwards/inside lung roll…………..THEN pivots all the way around on his right foot to a green bean roll holding the peg !!!! Whats another rad detail about this ????!! When he yanks the bar to switch-b …………the chimes/keyboard in the music que AS hes yanking the bar !!!!!!!!! DETAILS !!!!!! RAD riding/music/edit !!!!!!!

    • Thank you for the great comments!
      I’m really appriciate you tried to understand my riding very well.
      Hope see you again!

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