Masashi Itani wins Flatland Fracas!

Catching up on a whole lot of news on a busy weekend for flatland. The flatland fracas contest went off over in New England, USA. With New York resident, Masashi Itani (Japan) taking the win followed by New England legend Rich Upjohn, and third place on the podium Gabe Kadmiri. Congratulations to the top three and everyone who rode (pro/expert were combined-in case you are wondering).

1-Masashi Itani
2-Rich Upjohn
3-Gabe Kadmiri
4-Brian Chapman
5-Todd Carter
6-Danny Sirkin
7-Jim Cavanaugh
8-Seonteak Kwon
9-Mannie Nogueira
9=Sunny Sigh
11- Steve Jordan
12- John Simmons

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