Master Of Creativity 2018

2018 already looks like being an amazing year for flatland, in case you lived under a rock you will know that in the new year it is possible to win prize money as a flatland video rider. It seems like a dream? Read on for further details in this MOC newsletter.

“Master Of Creativity 2018 website is going to be launched on 1st of January 2018. From there the registration is open until April 1st 2018.

2018 there will be 2 categories: PRO and AMATEUR. For PRO category there will be prize money and for the AMATEUR category there will be product prizes such as Deco frame, forks, bars, Kuoppa Gomez Bikes frame, Profile Racing freecoaster, Crankset, Double Control bar ends etc. I have collected $2700 USD for the prize money as of today 20th of December 2017. Thanks to the sponsors and couple of anonymous donations.” is the web address you should bookmark now!!

What´s new for 2018?
There will be some improvements for Master Of Creativity 2018.
More details of everything on 1st of January 2018.
There will be changes in these areas:

2 categories PRO & AMATEUR + People´s Champion title (a rider who did not make it to top 3 and his/her videos got most shares on Facebook).
Some changes on the panel of judges.
Prize money for PRO and product support for top AMATEUR riders.

Sponsors of PRO category:
Jim McKay Pictures.
Chris Bohm Freestyle Team.
Freestyle Now.

AM Sponsors:
Profile Racing.
Double Control.

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