7 thoughts on “Matt Wilhelm Fall 2015 Spin – Hoffman Bikes

  1. It was a pleasure to wake up this morning & see an edit from one of the most awesome riders out there. I love the speed, difficulty & consistency of Matts riding. I find it a joy to watch & it is a great motivation & inspiration. I hope to see more soon.

  2. STOKED to wake up to some Wilhelm madness !!!! That freakin staple gun roll/body varial to pumping half pack , JACK HAMMER , spinning no hand karl ,al in one HAMMER combo !! Loved the DOUBLE bike flip combo also ,so quick you NEVER see them coming !! SPINNING death truck AFTER the turbine pikeeg megas /bike flip to STYLISH ice cream turbines / ONE HANDED spinning ice cream to bike flip !!!!! the quick DECADE OUT was the cherry on top to exit !!!!!! yeeeaaahhh MATT !!!!! STILL RIPPING/RULING !!!!!

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