16 thoughts on “Mateus Beckmann – 2nd place / Flatchê 2014

  1. well, now we know what he’s doing in his edits he can hit in a contest run…we all know that’s not easy…well done kid

  2. Sorry, but when I realized he had no sprocket, had to stop watching. Scooter status. He’s way better then that, his edits have him with pedals and a crank??. Im a firm believer in having a pedaling bike in Flatland.

    Much respect to all those that don’t want to have that and doing your thing but its just not my deal. BMX, bikes, bicycle, pedaling its in my blood and its always going to be.

    Its not a BMX without a sprocket and chain.

  3. its not a BMX without a sprocket and chain ? that’s so easy to say when you live in the U.S.A – how about if he isn’t able to get one ?? due to a lack of $$$$$ ??? the guy lives in Brazil, has no major sponsors etc. Massive respect hands down. Last time he was asking for a free coaster or something…

  4. Johnm
    Ive seen him ride with a sprocket and chain. Thats why. Im saying , I’ve seen him do it, he’s had it, so why take it off?

    • Hey all,

      I asked Mateus about the no chain/sprocket before right here on FM as I said the same as Scott, he does this when he has free coaster problems. So i’m taking it he had the same problems again, and is waiting for a new one. And rather than not ride, he takes the chain/sprocket off and rides…

  5. for you its not bmx so you can keep your cranks and pedaling, but for someones bmx its without cranks so what can you do? maybe you go to brasil and get in his home at night to set up cranks in his bike… or you can also get upset. but for what? you want to impose him your style? Thats why USA is so different than asia, you usa guys are so closeminded, this is not bmx, that is not bmx blabla, everybody is same in us, there is only few stylish riders, but in asia everybody has own style because there is no guys like scott obrian talking about another rider style, in asia if you have different style is very respected, more different is better.
    Just keep your style, enjoy it and try to understand another styles there is so many styles in flatland and thats best about it.

    Scott is just example, in europe and usa is so many flatlanders that will say “If your backwheel hit the ground its not flatland” or “without pegs its not flatland” or another and another…

    I just whant to say that there is no rules in flatland.

  6. I can see where scott is coming from. and i get it.

    to pawelbowlk: you have a good point as well. But, if you look at the top riders who are at every big contest with sponsors, you will see that they all have sprocket and chain! Right? Or maybe there are some that ride a scooter bike? I dunno my friend, just wondering.

    with that being said, that was a killer run Mateus! and i was thinking the whole time ok, if that was 2nd place then wtf was first? maybe they are jaded on mateus down there in Brazil already???? I mean i just don’t fukn get it?!?!

    Again, jaw droppingly cool run. like wtf X-leg rocket whopper???? I have never seen that before! puts me to shame!!! dialled!!!!

  7. pawel

    Sorry dude, I like cranks bro on a bike, its my right to have an opinion and last I checked being American has nothing to do with that. Closed minded is your statement and telling me something about where I’m from is so closed minded and simple thinking.

    But, as I stated earlier, do your thing if thats for you.

    I was wondering, because he level is soooo high with cranks, why he didn’t have them.

    Oh and don’t quote me as saying something about a back wheel hitting the ground and putting me in some type of discussion about something like that because I never said that.

    Ok E, I think we can all understand free coaster problems, thanks for clearing that up.

  8. John Simmons , I would have to agree with you there.

    And yes to all Mateus is amazing rider and amazing run there. I do also wonder who got first. Maybe not having a sprocket is the reason he got second. I don’t know.
    He’s and I do know that.

  9. Scott only first 3 sentences was to you personaly.
    I didnt said you are closeminded because you are from usa. I just said usa riders are more closed minded than riders from asia. For sure you have right to your opinion.

    I would never take off my cranks but also dont want to write under some video of crankles guy “Sorry, but when I realized he had no sprocket, had to stop watching” because its like killing individuality, pressure on young ridders, “if you want to be cool you have to have cranks” or “If you want me to watch your video you have to have cranks” for me it sounds like that.

    Maybe for you without cranks is not flatland, but i saw similar comments, another guys said about backwheel hit the ground its not flatland and there was more “its not flatland” rules. and all are same, everybody is just trying to put flantand in some box and make some rules, kill styles that they dont like or maybe kick them out off flatland. It makes flatland more like sport, but really its more like art. Just let them be, and do your own.

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