Mateus Beckmann – Flatland & Street 2015

Mateus Beckmann continues to go hard in the flatland/street direction his riding has been going the last year or so. Incredible ledge combos, personally love the xft whiplash stomped to foot jam decade at 2:25, not to mention so many fresh whopper variations both of the flat and on the streets. I would go so far as saying this guy is at the cutting edge in our sport in terms of flatlanders riding street, great to see!

13 thoughts on “Mateus Beckmann – Flatland & Street 2015

  1. This video should of been called the Merge , Flat and Street combined , its like the old school days of Dennis Mccoy , but on another level . Bad 2 the Bone 🙂

    • @Luke – as I already posted many times the “Must Watch” is a personal choice, the edits I am most psyched on. If you can imagine how many videos I get sent and go through, posting for the site. The “Must Watch” has definitely evolved, in the past I gave it away too easily, which via feedback too away from that title (nowadays it’s evolved to the whole package (NBD’s, camera, editing and just a gut reaction I always go by). It’s definitely getting harder to achieve that “Must Watch”, but for me and I have heard from others, thats a good thing.
      This edit for the record was pretty damn close to getting it, and as I already posted in the description, Mateus is leading the way in cutting edge flat/street. It’s subtle, but if you look on the right hand side of the post, it says “featured” which for those edits like this which are amazing and deserve attention, what I also do is leave them longer at top of site (which is why updates today won’t be until later on..)
      John Yull’s backwards foot jam backwards decade was a must watch for example, because I have never seen it before and it blew me away. I immediately hit rewind and wanted to go riding.

  2. Hes dedicated and killing it. No reason why this kid shouldn’t have a few major sponsors. Very stoked on him and I hope to meet him one day.

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