17 thoughts on “Mateus Beckmann – Quest BMX Video Contest

  1. The weird thing is…..I am all about riders making it. But what is making it…..and is it worth it? I mean….ah screw it. This guy is sick as hell and I hope he wins the grand prize.

  2. Parabéns Mateus, sua evolução e suas manobras são inspiradoras, você merece todo apoio que um atleta pode ter.
    Congratulatios Mateus, your tricks and progress are a inspiration, you deserve all support that a athlete can have.

  3. Is it a half cab manual whip to manual that I just saw ? Can’t imagine how it must hurt when you miss the pedal after the whip ! Amazing control !

  4. This is such a CLOSE comp for TOP FIVE !!!!!! I WILL SAY IT AGAIN !!!!! PEDAL pressure decade , cross lash-LEAP/FULL BAR directly to peg manual, doing BACKWARDS MANUALS from 180 hops mid combo , ice cream LEAPS to backwards steams , cab WHOPPERS to mauals , etc , etc !!!! SUCH A SHREDDING, SHREDDING EDIT !!! AGAIN ,STOKED youre posting your riding again Mateus !!!!!! LOVE THIS !!!!!

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