Mateus Beckmann – The Flatmatters Online 2013 Awards Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim
Photos: Mateus Beckmann.

Last year there was something wonderfully pure about Mateus Beckmann sharing his progression with the flatland world. It turns out his amazing progression led to 34 videos. Mateus deservedly grabbed the Editorials Choice for Rider of the Year and Most Progressive Rider of the Year by a landslide! Mateus stepped up once again to bring us a new “Must Watch” video with his new tricks to go with this interview! Enjoy!

Firstly, congratulations Mateus you got my vote for Rider of the Year as well as readers vote the progressive rider of the year! From my perspective, producing 34 progressive videos throughout the year, with contributions every month made you the clear winner, you are motivating riders worldwide consistently all year! What an amazing year for you, how do you feel firstly about winning the awards?
Thanks Effraim. Win the award-winning ‘Rider of the Year’ and ‘progressive rider of the year’ is truly incredible. I am very, very happy for that. At first I really did not expect something like that, when I saw my name next to the names of my idols in Flatland I really was very happy. Is strange win of riders that you get inspired… Thanks Effraim and all!

34 videos in one year is incredible, such amazing progression last year, do you film every time you ride?
I had no idea I had made 34 videos in 1 year!
No, I only filming when i have a lot of new tricks, or sometimes when I’m very close to hitting a difficult trick.

I saw your flawless run during the Overground series last year, and I see the World Circuit will come to Brazil this year, will you be competing in this contest and other contests this year? What is your mindset towards contest riding?
Yes, I made a good run in Overground Series of simplest tricks.
Yes, I’ll try to go in all competitions in Brazil this year.
My mindset for the next riding contests is to make original tricks, some of my tricks( variations whips and decades) and some long combos too, I know I can actually do good tricks in competitions.

You have been doing a lot of decade/whopper variations recently, what I call one hit tricks, super hard! How do you see your riding progressing, are you just out there learning whatever comes along?
Decades / Whoppers variations are really my favorite tricks, are tricks that have not yet been very explored, there are still many variations of whoppers to create.
I like a trick, so I try to do this trick, maybe so my progress. ALWAYS TRY TO LEARN THE TRICKS THAT YOU LIKE 🙂

What are your plans for 2014?
Participate in all competitions in Brazil, participate in contests outside Brazil if I get sponsors.. Keep riding and progressing.

Your videos have inspired every flatlander at some point last year. I see that you ride at a skatepark, are you inspired by other types of BMX and other sports, such as skateboarding and so on?
What really inspires me is just in BMX Flatland and BMX Street. I like riding BMX Street with my friends, it’s great fun.

More recently your edits (i.e 2014), I noticed you are riding without a chain, why is that?
Yes, problems with my Freecoaster.
For the Master Bikes have only frames (SAMPA), forks, and bars. Freecoasters are too fragile to tricks jumps/whoppers.

Any final thanks/shoutouts Mateus?
Effraim Thanks for the interview.
Thank you Family & Friends.
Thanks Master Bikes,SAMPA BMX, Marcos Paulo de Jesus (Pig), Ederson Ferreira, Casa dos consertos.

Keep Riding!

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13 thoughts on “Mateus Beckmann – The Flatmatters Online 2013 Awards Interview

  1. I like the fact that he has no fillers just going from one trick to another and you can see his way of moving ,hard ‘modern’ tricks with raw motion.It shows he thinks simple and he creates patterns of his own!he got my vote too!

  2. If he were in Europe and had the same connections Matthias did he would be one of the next top riders. Kind of wonder what other talent there is lurking out there.

  3. A humble dude with a BIG bag of tricks! More companies needs to get behind this guy! One of my favorite flatlanders right now. Mateus, you are an amazing talent! Keep it up, make some connections, and I have a feeling your future in the sport is going to be pretty big! Hope to meet you over in the States one day!

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