Matt Wilhelm @ 2008 Masters

With Matthias, Adam Kun and Justin Miller the favourites with most people for the World Championship title next weekend in Cologne Germany, I’ve been thinking who are the guys that are up there that could have a say in the win, or even take the win (of course everyone is in with a chance, it’s flatland), here’s one of those guys, that could take the title…

2 thoughts on “Matt Wilhelm @ 2008 Masters

  1. I'm a big fan of Matt to be honest he does not get enough credit for his skills a lot of focus is on all the pumping,rolling combo's today but Matt is different he stands out his spining tricks are out of this world so damm hard to comprehend if he put together a flawless run he's up there respect to Matt for doing his own thing .

  2. Of course everyone is in with a chance to win the worlds but the chances are much lower for a non-french rider even to reach the finals when Jimmy Petitet is judging. I hope that Geoff Catlow can help to choose a balanced international judging team with no interests to make certain sponsors happy. Otherwise it is unfair and A BAD THING!

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