Matt Wilhelm wins AFA Round 2 in Detroit + Full Results

Catching up on updates after the long Fise Montpellier weekend, and first up more contest result news from Round 2 of the AFA series in Detroit! Congratulations to all the winners, and a nice surprise visit from Flatland Icon, Chase Gouin thrown in the mix!
If anyone has video footage from the event please send it in, thanks Todd Carter as always for the podium shots and results.

Pro Class
1. Matt Wilhelm
2. Austin Luberda
3. Art Thomason
4. Mickey Gaidos
5. Juan Niebles
6. James McGraw
7. Joe Cicman
8. Dax Wolford
9. Todd Carter

Old’s Cool Class
1. Iram De La Rosa
2. Paul Hahm
3. Tony Abasolo
4. Bertrand Williams
5. John Ustaszewski
6. Jamie Kizer
7. Dustin Reese

Expert Class
1. Trevor Waitring
2. Tony Schneidewind
3. Derek Callendar
4. Kelly Baldwin
5. Ron Monis
6. Rachel
7. Flip
8. Kevin Washington
9. Austin Jackson

Beginner Class
1. Bri Welch
2. Kevin Czube
3. Dakota Richie
4. Coda McGraw
5. Kim Klisiak
6. Noah McGraw

5 thoughts on “Matt Wilhelm wins AFA Round 2 in Detroit + Full Results

  1. Mark Flip Flippowitz in there , O.G. cat that’s been skilled ! Salud to every rider and all classes . Skimming through the results you can just tell this was one rad contest with some SLLLAMMMED riding going on all day …… Thank you , A.F.A. , Flatland Fuel , F.M. for this update , every sponsor , judge , and anyone who assisted the success of this…..

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