Matt Wilhelm wins York Contest!

Yesterday, Round 4 of the AM Flat series went down on a hot summers day in York, PA. Home of the Plywood Hoods and of course the one and only Kevin Jones, it’s worth noting here that Kevin actually judged the final! The twitter feed was going off the hook last night, big shoutout to Louis Orth tweeting hard and Joe Cicman sending the results in!, felt like I was there! Two runs best run counts!

Congrats to all the winners Matt Wilhelm in Pro of course, Dave DeBuono in Masters, Joe Cicman in Experts, Tony Srickler in Veterans, and Jimmy Kibbons in beginner, hopefully later today we will be posting a repo from the event, no pressure Louis…

Photo credit: @footprintInSpam

Pro Class
1. Matt Wilhelm
2. Terry Adams
3. Dane Beardsley
4. Antonio Merrache
5. Stephen Cerra
6. Bo Wade

Master Class
1. Dave DeBuono
2. Jussi Laukkanen
3. Todd Gully
4. Bryan Huffman
5. Lincoln Harberger
6. Prasheel Gopal
7. Alex Poirier
8. Mark Kuhlmann
9. Ivan Adamiec
10. Micah Murray
11. Ron Monis
12. Justin Doyon

Expert Class
1. Joe Cicman
2. Ron Baker
3. Frank Macchio
4. Todd Carter
5. Louis Orth
6. Rich Slezak
7. Shaun Lapsley
8. John Young
9. Steve Lapsley
10. Brett Gill
11. Steve Jordan
12. Roy deGuzman
13. Chris Przeporia
14. Asko Relas
15. Jeff Brown

Veteran Class
1. Tony Strickler
2. Joey Branford
3. Fox Kinsman
4. George Teneyek

Beginner Class
1. Jimmy Kibbons
2. Jason Sponheimer
3. Marc Joseph
4. Greg Leuschner

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