3 thoughts on “Matthew Dyer – To make an edit 2015?

  1. never claimed this to be original. just gonna be a little bit of a fun edit .
    wasn’t expecting this to appear on flatmatters. yup, i was doing this back in 86 too, and with a little variation of my own I’ve never seen anyone else do (but maybe someone has? who knows/cares?) i may try bring back amongst other old /mid school tricks. as long as its still fun and I can still do it then I’ll take it.
    too much anality about in bmx these days. let’s bring the fun back into it.

  2. Matt,

    That was awesome. Reviving old school tricks is always fun especially when you can link them with new school link. I second bringing fun back into BMX especially flatland it seemed to take a turn for the serious. I look forward to watching the videos on throwback Thursdays because it looks like they were having fun.


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