Matthias Dandois – Flat Summit

With a temperature of -23°C, 62% of oxygen compare to sea level and a frozen slippery platform, above the clouds and views for days. Matthias called this “the most challenging shoot of my life but we pulled it off and I’m stoked on the result!”. Hit play and enjoy the Flat Summit!

9 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois – Flat Summit

  1. Incredible that he doesn’t slide out on that surface!
    Mad props to the brother of the arts and to the surface material;
    both are crazy as cheese for holding it down without biff.

  2. First time Ive seen him do his no handed half packer spin combo with his bars in the small position ! Little , subtle details like this are very significant in flatland……. i.m.o. , the more variations you’ve got , the bigger your tricktionary ! Add the fact that hes riding in the most extreme weather , altitude , slippery / moist surface …………and you’ve got one hell of a SUPER dope edit . I cant believe he pulled this off , INSANE ! Cant imagine just how stiff , frost bitten , and numb his whole body must of felt like , even WITH his coat , gloves , thermals , etc , etc . This is really amazing and totally caught me off guard . Props .

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