Matthias Dandois – Lost Footage

Matthias Dandois – Lost Footage from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Matthias was out in California back in March, this footage up until now was lost somewhere on Christian Rigal’s hard drive. Thankfully, he found it and put together this really flat/park/street edit. Especially liked the backwards spinning tea kettle combo at 2:23, shot in a really tight area! This worth a watch!

2 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois – Lost Footage

  1. 100% BMX FREESTYLE – awesome edit, recall Mark Eaton trying stuff on the Dorkin’ in York videos, both Paul Osicka and Chad later on… but this is mental ! the cliffhanger combo was nuts. “Freestyle” needs to be brought more into the equation, like in the old days

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