8 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois on French Prime Time TV Show!

    • As House of Lightening said, amazing riding under the spotlight! Haven’t seen Matthias on the white bike before, wondering if that was just for the occasion. Whatever the case, i worked, amazing spectacle.

  1. Yeeew!
    Thanks for posting Effraim.
    I know it’s not really “core” but the opportunity was too good to showcase BMX on TV in front of millions of people. (more than 6 millions to be precise.)
    I started BMX because I saw it on TV, so if some kids can do the same and start riding after watching the show, I’d be the winner.
    I know some people are going to make fun of me because I went really mainstream on this one and maybe they will be right but oh well. It’s done now 🙂
    I just want to show the sport to different people and try my best to make it look cool.
    I already got so many positive messages and feedback about the show so I’m really psyched.

    For the white bike, it’s just that the set was black and I still had my Haro SD V2 black frame when the show was recorded, so I had to duct tape it with white tape to make it stand out from the stage. It’s TV, it’s all about the image so I did it 🙂

    That’s it, Have a great day everyone, and enjoy the summer sessions!

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