Matthias Dandois on Vans

Matthias Dandois just made switch from life long sponsor Adidas to Vans, nicely shot edit, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois on Vans

  1. Really well shot promo edit, like a skate video standard, wondered for a while if Matthias would switch to Vans, i guess i have my answer….

  2. I love me "Classic" Vans for chillin…
    but not found a decent vans hi-top for Flatland stunts…yet!!

    Agree E,Kinder inevitable. so not surprised.
    He did seem to be rocking them just as much while bein on Adidas!!!

  3. Yep exactly trev!!!
    I've been looking at Vans to solve the shoe nightmare, only ones I can find at moment with decent width on sole, every company seems to be tapering the middle of shoe, which sucks for pivot tricks!

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