10 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois one day edit

  1. down the small stairs parts with all the 180’s and barspin is really nice to see…and probably fun to do if you’re able !

  2. so awesome. Will Matthias be the BMX Rodney Mullen and send us a quantum leap beyond where we are now by splicing flatland into street and forever changing both? Can this be even more dramatically stated? Where. Will. It. End?

    Actually, that is what he’s doing. Now I kinda want to buy a street bike. Thanks, Matthias. #youRad

  3. Lovely stuff.
    I still think I prefer Matthias riding just ‘Flatland’, however he is like the Radiohead of bmx, exploring all other other possibilities and not just getting stuck on the Bends…
    …and that says it all to me, respect!

  4. Chad Kerley, Florent Soulas and others are already ‘splicing’ flat and street. Many street riders have upped their flat skills and have been doing this for a while now. And in my opinion Florent could compete in a flat contest right now.
    It’s up to ‘flatlanders’ if they want to incorporate street moves into their flatland, but once you start doing stuff on street terrain you are just riding street. Street is just street and flat is flat.
    Flatlanders please watch more street edits because if you are amazed by this then you will have a stroke if you see what is going on out there.

  5. Oh yeah for Florent Soulas watch ‘Foundation 2012’ and ‘Florent Soulas Chainless’ to see what I mean. Sorry should have directed you guys to the clips I cited! And any Chad Kerley edit in the last year.
    Either way flat and street are being pushed and it’s all BMX so it’s all good!
    Now how do we incorporate Dirt and Flat together! hahahaha

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