Matthias Dandois qualifies 1st at Voodoo Jam

Top 14 make it through to tonight’s finals at the 2017 Voodoo Jam! Congratulations to Matthias Dandois who rode flawless to take the top spot in qualifying, also congrats to all the finalists. (check the voodoo jam live post thats stocked on top of the site for the link to watch finals!). Thanks Joe Cicman for the results.

One thought on “Matthias Dandois qualifies 1st at Voodoo Jam

  1. EVERYONE in prelims rode ELECTRIC , so RAD to see !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THATS ME in L A S T place , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! I’m GUILTY of SCUFFGATE , so it was OFF WIT ME HEAD , HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA !!!!!!! REALLY though , RIDING in THIS contest is so SURREAL AND feels AMAZING during your run , that your PLACING doesn’t matter , just to be out on THAT floor , man , its like NO OTHER !!! I LOVE Voodoo Jam !!!!!!!

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