Matthias Dandois signs for Odyssey

This news just came up on my twitter, this has been on the DL for a while! I remember Matthias telling me about this at Jomopro. The news debuted at interbike in vegas, looks like a catalog photo, i’m guessing official announcements will be online soon. Big things happening with Odyssey, congrats to Matthias for this deal!

9 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois signs for Odyssey

  1. Yep Chase,Terry Adams etc expect some Matthais influenced products in the works Odyssey are moving in the right direction for flatland innovation..

  2. I saw on the bmxunion blog that the new frame is called "the Waltz" and they had one of those and some Chase bars in some new silver flake color. There was also a photo of a Flatware Vandero front hub (?).

  3. The vandero hub already existed, I'm sure there will be a few MD signature parts, grips etc, makes sense for the company and the rider. Riders can very quickly benefit from a signature grip. Wait and see, announcements soon..

  4. Yes he does called "thumb tack", Chris massey stock them at his store, nice grip! Currently testing them on the deep bmx he gave me.

  5. Flatware hub was new. Narrower flanged Vandero basically. Still just a sample until correct balance of clearance and complete wheel stability is found.

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